France: 50% Algerian, 50% French

Fadela Amara, Secretary of State for Urban Policies and former president of the organization Ni Putes Ni Soumises, in the Algerian Arabic daily Al-Akhbar (April 3rd):

"Yes, I am Muslim, I observe the obligations of Islam, I do the five daily prayers since my childhood - despite the difficulty that I have to perform the ritually planned hours - and I observe the fast of Ramadan, which is a very important month for me. Since I entered public life, I've never hidden that I was a practicing Muslim. It is a private matter, which does not prevent me from being secular in politics. "

"I am very proud of my Algerian origins and the Algerian nationality that I kept, although I hold a ministerial post in France, and I'm of course French. I have my pride, I am 50% Algerian and 50% French, and I will not accept any remark about my Algerian origins and my Muslim religion."

Source: Le blog d'Yves Daoudal (French), h/t Eurabian News with help from Fdesouche.

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