Verviers: Hamas headquarters

The NEFA Foundation recently published a new report: The Muslim Brotherhood in Belgium (PDF)

According to this report Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have a base in Verviers, through the Al Aqsa charity organization. This organization had been banned in both Germany and the Netherlands on suspicion of supporting Hamas.

Michel Privot, a convert to Islam living in Verviers, is named in the report as one of the Muslim Brotherhood heads in Verviers. He denies the accusations and warns for the dangers of such reports.

Privot was also mentioned by former American Ambassador to Belgium, Tom C. Korologos, as a participant in the Belgian-US Muslim dialogue, who said the conference will help in countering 'extremism fomented by alienation'. The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations, an organization claimed to be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of the sponsors of this initiative.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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Michael Privot said...


Thank you for providing those useful links.

As I am the first concerned by this issue, I have opened a blog on which I posted a number of papers I have written, notably the first one, clarifying my links with the Muslim Brotherhood.

You will find more at: (mostly in French, but a few texts are in English also).