Malta: Refugees transferred to US

A group of 15 Somali refugees leave Malta tomorrow to start a new life in the United States.

They form part of a resettlement programme which, US Ambassador Molly Bordonaro said, will see hundreds of recognised refugees in Malta resettled in the United States.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees has so far referred more than 260 people who are in the process of being settled in the US. Some will leave Malta in the next few weeks.

Ambassador Bordonaro, who this morning had a meeting with Foreign Minister Tonio Borg, said this showed the commitment of the United States to help Malta ease the problems of migration .

"It also demonstrates our recognition of the enormous challenges and dangers that many of the migrants have faced."

She said that all refugees are assigned a sponsor agency that provides initial services such as housing, food, clothing as well as referral to medical care, employment services and other support during a transition period lasting up to two years in order to ensure integration and assimilation.

"I have personally met many of the refugees who are part of the programme, and they will make outstanding US citizens," the ambassador said.

Dr Borg thanked the United States saying the resettlement programme was a demonstration of support which Malta was seeking to ease to ease the burden posed by the influx of migrants. He said he did not think such resettlement programmes would encourage more migrants to come to Malta, given the requirements needed for the migrants to qualify for resettlement.

Source: Times of Malta (English)


VinceP1974 said...

As an American I say "blah" to this.

Enough with the refugees.. send them to Saudi Arabia.. they got enough money.

Borges said...

Immigrants, especially refugees, should be welcomed anywhere vincep, but one does wonder why Malta cannot take these hundreds of refugees on their own, they are members of the EU, have a flourishing economy, why should they not actualise the refugeese?

Anonymous said...

Refugees who are willing to adopt a nations customs should be welcomed. Those who believe in flogging adulterers, chopping off thieves hands and killing apostates should be refused by all civilised people.

VinceP1974 said...

Abdul: There are many areas in the united states where refugees have been located and not before long, major problems in the community happens. We're under no obligation to have our towns decay into chaos

Anonymous said...

Abdul-Rahim, Malta is already overcrowded so why should they add even more people to the population to the detriment of the existing residents?

Malta has a population density of 1,282 people per square km.

Compare that to the US which has a population density of 31 people per square km or even China with a population density of 140 people per square km.

They don't have the room or the resources to deal with large numbers of immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Abdul-Rahim, No need to Wonder mate, go on Googlemaps and type in Malta and compare the size of Malta to yours and you see WHY we can't keep 2% of Africa.

We should NOT actualise the refugees, because:
1. We owe them nothing, English and Arabs took African Precious Metals we didn't. Turks took entire population of Gozo in 1500s into slavery you don't see us hopping off to their country in search of Riches.
2. We never took them in to slavery like Arabs and Whites.
3. We Don't have OIL or gold or any precious materials. Our Resources are Limestone, Wine and Cotton.
You want us to keep immigrants tell Gadaffi to let us have all oil fields in our Search and Rescue (which spans out to greece).
4. We have a good economy, because we're we invested wisely, along comes Mr Africa... Free Food, Free hospital, Free this free that.
All tax payer money.... instead of investing in jobs .. we have to invest in foreigners ...

Then we all find out why Africa is dying of hunger...cos they want everything free...
They milk the cow, but do not feed it.

We are population of 400000, and we get over 2500 illegals a year.

So don't talk like we maltese are some Empire...
We worked hard to be members of EU and have good economy...

WE DON"T sit on our asses and Shit Oil ... like some ppl ...

Those who think its so easy... take our illegal immigrants and show us how its done.