Denmark: Soldiers on Facebook anti-Muslim group

A controversial group on Facebook called "The group against Muslims in Denmark" (Gruppen mod muslimer i Danmark) has several members who are soldiers.

The group's informative text says: Today we Danes must stand together. They throw stones, set fire to our cars and at the same time we pay for their welfare.. can that be right? We Danes need to stand together or they will take over OUR country before long.. so it's suddenly us that are the few and that will act against them. Fight for Denmark and the Danes.

A post by one member says it's 'scary' that 'Muslims are getting more and more influence in our country'. He says he fears the future since they will change many things and want to take over the world, as it says in the Koran, and they are on their way to doing so in Denmark.

The group had 26 members this morning, and at least a handful of members have connections to the Danish army. At least three know each other from the Danish air force and appear in full military uniform on their profiles. Several have formerly been stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Three soldiers have left the group since it appeared in the news.

A spokesperson for the Defence command said that the attitudes of these soldiers are far from the army's values, but soldiers have freedom of expression and the army cannot prevent them from expressing their personal opinions on Facebook and other sites.

The army's intelligence service will investigate whether such soldiers can have security clearance, but the spokesperson said that if there will be consequences for the soldiers, it will soon result in other problems. He added that he thinks this case will be used in the instruction of future soldiers, as to why people shouldn't present themselves on the net as representatives of the Danish army.

Sources: Politiken 1, 2 (Danish)


Anonymous said...

It is sad to see my country have people with such narrow minds. I have not lived in Denmark for few years and can related to being a immigrant. So I am not sure if the situation have changed a lot, but I still think that majority of Danes have nothing against Muslims.

It is worth mention that a group called 'Folk, der joiner 'Gruppen mod muslimer i Danmark' er idioter' which means people that joins 'Gruppen mod muslimer i Danmark' are idiots -

The group has 427 members against 31!

Anonymous said...

Sorry here is the correct link: