Netherlands: The position of Muslims in the Netherlands, facts and figures

FORUM, Institute for Multicultural Development, presents a factbook about the factual social situation of Muslims in the Netherlands

For a couple of years now the position of Muslims in the Netherlands has become subject of a fierce debate, both in the Netherlands and abroad. A lot can be said concerning its characteristics, its causes or the factual and perceived problems that underpin this debate. We note that the debate concerning Muslims has mostly been based on image-forming and perceptions that hardly have a connection - if any - with the actual reality.

The factbook contains data concerning Muslims and immigrants (persons who themselves are born abroad or one of their parents has been) in important sectors of the society. We do not pretend to be all-embracing, but we do think this factbook is an important asset to the current public debate. We are distributing the factbook to representatives of the media in the Middle East and other countries in which the film of Geert Wilders is widely discussed.

Source: Forum (English), factbook available as PDF.


Anonymous said...

Institute for Multicultural Development---

What an objective organization! end of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Islam is targeting because of politices.If we look last 60 years, we will see that muslim has been targeted even now look at Palisten, Iraq, Afganistan etc. They have been facing Countries terrorism.So, they are bound to protect themself anyway.But we can not say it terrorism.It is some wellknown media which lable it perfectly.So we should save muslim from country's terrorism,comsequently,any terrrorism activities will not be performed by muslim.