Switzerland: Islamic groups focused on building terrorist infrastructure

The government report picked out terrorism and certain forms of organised crime as the main threat to Switzerland's internal security.

Islamic extremist groups that are based in Switzerland are focused on building up propaganda, logistics and financing of activities from their countries of origin, but are a growing potential for violence, it said.

"There are no proofs at the moment for concrete preparations for an attack inside Switzerland. But of course Switzerland is part of the western world, which is potentially at risk," federal police spokesman Hans Ulrich Bühler told swissinfo.

Organised crime concerns such things as smuggling drugs, people and weapons, Bühler explained.

"We have preventative and repressive measures at both federal and cantonal level... The intelligence services follow the situation very closely."

The government is to ask parliament for permission to use new ways to fight crime. "This will of course also have financial consequences," Bühler said.

Source: SwissInfo (English)

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