Rotterdam: Former imam killed

Ahmed Al Farroudi (64) was stabbed to death Friday on his way to the Rotterdam mosque where he was once an imam. Shortly afterwards a Moroccan (56) Rotterdam resident was arrested in his residence, according to Algemeen Dagblad.

According to the police the victim and attacker knew each other. Before the fatal stabbing they had quarreled next to an elementary school. A knife was drawn then, and the attacker threatened bystanders who wanted to help. According to bystanders, the suspect calmly walked away after the stabbing.

El Farrioudi died in the hospital after a resuscitation attempt. El Farroudi, a father of four, was on his way to the Othman Mosque, where he came a few times a week to pray.

Accourding to Brahim Bourzik of the National Moroccan Council, there had been no tensions in the mosque. Bourzik knew the victim well and says he was seriously ill.

Source: Elsevier (Dutch)

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