Norway: Beheading as a way of working out frustrations

When was the last time you thought of beheading somebody?

A 29 year old Norwegian-Pakistani is currently on trial for taking part in a terror plot in Norway. He is accused of planning to behead the Israeli ambassador to Norway, Miryam Shomrat.

"It was just frustration," he says. "I had just heard an interview with the ambassador on the radio, where she defended the war against Palestine and that women and children must suffer. If one looks back on the interview, I think many would be irritated."

"I don't think Bhatti either thought any more of this, we never spoke more about it."

He says that many times he's had strange thoughts, and even if it sounds serious, he was just speaking as a way of expressing his frustrations. He says when his neighbor's dog barked every morning at 6am, he told his wife one night that it should be shot. Should he also be arrested for planning to shoot the dog?

There was one conversation where he spoke of beheading the Israeli ambassador and he thinks that was that.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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Anonymous said...

I guess the stupid Norwegian socialists will buy his story.
Probably give him cash to set up a Foundation for confused and upset young folks of his persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Let's start by beheading him and his kin or shipping them back to the shitholes they came from.