UK: New foundation against Islamist extremism

A number of ex-radicals launched on Tuesday, April 22, a think tank with the declared objective of combating extremism but while some Muslims are welcoming others are worry.

After such a beginning, I expected IslamOnline to question whether the heads of the new Quilliam Foundation are really anti-extremist. IslamOnline, however, has other concerns, and its article deals with the foundation's problematic figureheads, as well as worries that they would not succeeed in their goals.

The Foundation's heads are certainly a target for extremists and they are already getting death threats (here and here), with a special blog dedicated to exposing them. But the Quilliam Foundation is not only being attacked from the extremist side, though. Is William Abdullah Quilliam, the man credited for bringing Islam to England, really the right role-model for British Muslims? How moderate are the people behind the Quilliam Foundation? The Foundation is currently being supported by nameless Kuwaiti businessmen. What is their interest in British or Western Islam?

Saying the Muslims are responsible for their current situation is a good first step in dealing with the problems of the Muslim world, but that does not make one an anti-extremist. One of the Netherland's most radical imams recently said exactly that, but he is still as extremist.

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Taqiya, next stage.

Bombs didn't work, so they resort to dissimulation.