Netherlands: Radical imam teaches to hate infidels

Islam teacher Suhayb Salam from Tilburg, taught his students to hate infidels, according ot journalist Patrick Pouw in his book "Salaam! Een jaar onder orthodoxe moslims" (Salam! A year among orthodox Muslims). Suhayb is the son of Tilburg imam Ahmed Salam, who had in the past refused to shake minister Verdonk's hand.

For a year Pouw learned by the ultra-orthodox Salafist Salam, manager of the Islamic Institute for Upbringing and Education. In this institute youth are taught to be preachers of the "only true faith, Islam".

Salam hammed in ever lesson on the duty to hate unbelievers. Pouw writes in his book: "We learned that all infidels were enemies of Allah, that everybody who didn't follow Islam is an enemy of Allah. We heard that sincere love for Allah means that we must hate his enemies, and must see them as our enemies. That was nothing less than an obligation."

Salam told his students that Muslims may not report each other to the police. "Since that would mean that a non-Muslim, an infidel, would judge a Muslim."

He also advised a student who had a bible in his house to burn it.

On TV program Netwerk, Pouw tells that the students had to speak to people on the street and admonish them, for example if a girl didn't wear a headscarf or wore a short skirt.

Salam, who knew Pouw was a journalist, did not want to comment on Netwerk, but said that "all claims about inciting hate are nonsense." According to Pouw Salam did not call for committing violence in a more direct manner.

Source: Elsevier (Dutch). See also, Netwerk and the Nieuw Amsterdam publishers

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Anonymous said...

Why should anyone be surprised? They're just preaching what's in the Koran.

There's nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

Once an arselifter, always an arselifter!

Anonymous said...

The sons and daughters of Abraham, both Jewish and Muslims, are a scourge. to all civilized people.

Anonymous said...

Source 'Elsevier' yeah sure.

It is in the languages. All Abrahamic related religions, cultures etc. use similar languages with many the same qualities.

They all have an Almighty God, Spirit or whatever who isn't almighty as this Almighty whatever cannot get things created that there is no need to judge in the first place.

Jewish, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Anglican etc. etc. all branches on the same tree. And all 'pots calling the kettle black' using the same types of languages.

Dutch is also one of these languages and Elsevier sings along in the same choir.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch should get used to it and accept their Dhimmi status because they have already handed over their country to the Islamic hordes. The Dutch are too cowardly and ridden with political correctness to do anything. They should just convert en masse to Islam and get it over with.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am sure. How is it spreading hate to state the obvious? Those PC views are part of the problem. The Dutch have given their country over to terrorists out of fear. The truth is the truth, regardless of your soft left-wing outlook.

Anonymous said...

Don't mix cultures. Put an eskimo in Africa and a negro on the North Pole, both will be unhappy and probably die. Why are eskimo's born on the North Pole and negro's in Africa? This is geografically determined. So, Muslims cannot be happy in the Dutch culture because our culture is also geografically determined. Neither blame them,nor us. Understand Muslims don't belong here naturally. The average Muslim doesn't understand that he is manupulated by the Muslim high elite to take over the world. Their culture is beautifull but only in their own environment where they belong. This is not racism, this is simply unnatural confrontation

Anonymous said...

And I guess you would also say, that Judaism does not have an agenda aginst the Goy ???

And Christianity, now there's a religion that has had an agenda against all sorts of things, in the main, it has had an agenda against knowledge and its free disemination.

Maybe it would be a good idea if we all followed Jeffersons' opinions regarding those of different religions ??

Anonymous said...

It's funny how much attention this has gotten in the Netherlands, the public keeps getting distracted with useless non-discussions about the big bad muslims, while real issues are being avoided, hooray for democracy, liberty & western media.

Anonymous said...

islam is only re-taking charge over Europe - which it ruled for 800 years from Spain. Europe is too fragmented and violent to judge its own affairs, just look at its history.

Anonymous said...

touted as HATE CRIME
and ISLAM isnt?
if anything is hate crime it is ISLAM,
ALL I SAY is dont come to TEXAS