Antwerp: Letter of incitement

Antwerp: Letter of incitement

In my previous post I briefly mentioned a letter given out in the AEL anti-Israel demonstration in Antwerp (Belgium).

After the demonstration a couple of hundred protesters marched towards the Jewish neighborhood, and were held off by police (here and here). The Arab-European League claimed that it was not responsible for the riots that followed.

The Arab-European League, which just a few weeks ago brought Hizbullah representatives to the Belgian parliament to discuss Israel's treatment of Palestinian prisoners, is a pan-Arabic movement which was founded by Dyab Abou-Jahjah. Abou-Jahjah is a member of Hizbullah and in the most recent Israel-Lebanese war went back to Lebanon to fight against Israel.

This letter is unsigned and it is of course impossible to know how many were given out or who was responsible for it. However, by telling the reader that redemption will only come when the Muslims fight the Jews, it certainly sets the tone for what happened next.

The letter is shown here and is just barely legible, but several friends helped me decipher it. My translation follows. All emphasis is in the original.

The Jews have again perpetrated attacks in Gaza against the Palestinians. Therefore according to the latest statistics published Tuesday evening there are already more than 360 dead and more than 1700 wounded. It's terrible to see how our brothers and sister must endure all the violence and hate. While we can only stand by idly, a moment where we shouldn't think only of ourselves, but also of our brothers and sisters on the other side.

The Jews said that this is just the beginning.

"The bombardments on Gaza are a first phase" Emphasized the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert Tuesday.

Our beloved prophet Mohammad [Arabic] said "The Day [ed: day of judgment] will dawn when the Muslims will fight the Jews" (handed down by Moslem). [ed: this phrase is also quoted in the Hamas Charter]. Thus when our Ummah plots together and fights against the damned.

Allah [Arabic] says in in Sura Al-Maeda 54 [51]:

"Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other"

Dear brother and sisters, do not forget your beloved brothers and sisters in your prayers [dua's]. May Allah [Arabic] let us belong to the victors.


Spread these words as much as possible so that each one of us will be informed and perform as many prayers [dua's] as possible. [Arabic]

Let us only say that we will NOT forget our beloved brothers and sisters, let us therefore ensure that we will be heard.

There remains just one message to share with our fellow-men. STOP THE VIOLENCE. STOP THE MASSACRE!


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