Brussels: Anti-Israel demonstration

Brussels: Anti-Israel demonstration

A few pictures of the demonstration in Brussels, courtesy of Indymedia.

Several thousand protesters (7,000-10,000) gathered at the Martyrs' Square in Brussels to demonstrate against the Israeli attacks in Gaza. The square is a national cemetery and soldiers who died in the Belgian Revolution are buried there. Today it is a place honoring all those who fought for the freedom of Belgium. The Flemish government offices are located there.

The statue, Patria, represents the fatherland, Belgium. Somebody bothered climbing it and covering it with the flag of Islam.

Hizbullah flags. (originally I wrote 'Hamas', I meant Hizbullah..)

Israeli flag. A US flag was set aflame as well.

Indymedia also has pictures from the Antwerp demonstration, organized by the Arab-European League (AEL). One of them is of this letter, which is just barely legible. It starts off saying that "the Jews have again perpetrated attacks in Gaza against the Palestinians", quotes Ehud Olmert as saying that this is just the 'first phase' and then reminds the readers that Muhammed said that one day the Muslims will fight the Jews and that you should not 'take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other'. "Stop the violence, stop the massacre".

The AEL wonders now why it's being blamed for the riots following this demonstration, when hundreds of protesters tried to wreck havoc in the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp.

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