Finland: Finns flee immigrant-heavy schools

Finland: Finns flee immigrant-heavy schools

Meanwhile, a school in Berlin recently started offering a German language guarantee in order to lure back Germans.


Finnish parents are increasingly taking their kids out of schools with a heavy immigrant population. Families are even moving into different school districts to get their kids into schools with fewer immigrants.

One school in southern Finland says parents began pulling their children out of the school when the proportion immigrant kids reached 40 percent.

“We didn't see a flight when the proportion of immigrant kids was 30 percent. But as we reached the 40 percent mark, an exodus began,” says the principal of the school, who wishes the name of his school not be published as it already suffers from a poor reputation.

The principal says most parents are discrete about the reasons for taking their kids out of the school; however, some families are more direct.

“In one case the parents said they pulled their child because the child’s class did not have a single ethnic Finnish boy, which the parents said contributed to their child having no friends,” explains the principal.


Source: YLE (English)

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