Flanders: half of women in shelters are minorities

Flanders: half of women in shelters are minorities

Half of the women who seek shelter in Flemish women's shelters are from ethnic-cultural minorities. A considerable part are of Turkish or Moroccan origin. East Europeans show up more often in recent years and to a lesser degree there's also an increase in the number of illegal aliens. This according to the answer of Welfare Minister Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V) to the written question of Frank Creyelman (Vlaams Belang).

There are in total 106 beds available in 62 rooms in the 7 shelters in Flanders. The average stay in 2008 varied from 24 in Hasselt to 62 in Leuven. According to Vandeurzen the women are often very vulnerable. The majority have a low educational level, are unemployed and have one or more children. Often these women have multiple problems.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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