Sweden: Increased interest in fighting in conflict areas

Sweden: Increased interest in fighting in conflict areas

This is an extreme case of political correctness.  I would be very surprised if anybody reads this article and doesn't think 'Muslims' or 'Jihad'.  And so.. instead of 'protecting' Muslims, Swedish Radio actually goes out of its way to make sure that they set the equation "Muslims = War" in everybody's minds.  Does anybody really think they're preventing hatred against Muslims this way?


Over the last two years, there has been an increased interest among Swedes to go abroad to fight in conflict areas, according to the Swedish Security Police Säpo.

Swedish Radio News has interviewed Säpo's counterterrorism analyst Malena Rembe, who says that there is currently a handfull Swedes in Pakistan and Afghanistan taking part in fighting or in training to prepare them for fighting. In Somalia, there are another 10 Swedes for the same reason, according to Rembe.

As far as the Security police gathers, these people travel on their own initiative and with their own money, and not with the support from any "official mosque".

One way for Säpo to gather information is to hold what they call "voluntary talks" with people they think might be about to go. Säpo has been criticised for this, by people who feel singled out as guilty, since the talks are held with many more than actually go.


Source: SR (English)

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