Paris: More on street prayers

Paris: More on street prayers

Secularist magazine Riposte Laïque continues its reports on Muslim prayers in the streets of Paris, around the mosques on the Rue Myrha and Rue Polonceau. The streets are closed off for about two hours during Friday prayers. This is not being reported by the mainstream French press.

In the maps below, the streets in red are completely closed off by the Muslims and the residents cannot enter or leave for about two hours. Streets in orange are blocked for vehicles, while streets in green are open for traffic but the sidewalks are taken over for prayer.

Video clips of Rue Léon and Rue Myrha.

Video clips of the Rue des Poissonniers (1, 2, 3) and Boulevard Barbès (1, 2).

(h/t Bivouac-ID)

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