Italy: Muslim leader calls to tackle religious extremism

Italy: Muslim leader calls to tackle religious extremism

Yesterday Khaled Fouad Allam,an Algerian-Italian sociologist, called for authoritative Muslim institutions, acceptance by the state, and Italian trained religious leaders. Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo talks about tackling religious extremism, though he also talks about Italy accepting Islam.


The president of the association of Italian Muslims, Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo, has urged measures to tackle the problem of religious extremism. "We need to analyse fundamentalism and develop practical action to combat this," said Vincenzo. His call came after a 35-year-old Libyan earlier this week carried out a botched bomb attack against a military barracks in Italy's northern city of Milan.

"We know very little about the channels through which extremists are being funded," said Vincenzo.

He is also a consultant on immigration for the Italian Senate's Constitutional Affairs Commission and a member of Rome Mosque's General Assembly.

"We also need to know the extremists' geographical distribution across the country and the real targets of their propaganda," Vincenzo said.

Until now, very little has been done in Italy to support the creation of a moderate, official Islam, he noted.

"There is no public funding for the training of imams. This can only result in self-styled preachers and dodgy sources of funding," Vincenzo said.


Source: AKI (English)

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