Netherlands: The day the last Moroccan leaves

Netherlands: The day the last Moroccan leaves

MUNT, a group of Dutch-Moroccans, prepared a short internet movie titled "Kop of Munt" (Heads or Tails) about the day the last Moroccan leaves the Netherlands. The movie is featured on their site and is intended to show that Moroccan-Dutch form an integral part of Dutch society and that most Dutch don't participate in the hysteria regarding 'Moroccans'.

The group says they think it's necessary to approach important social issues without hysterics or panic.

The movie is based mostly on visuals (bored social services agents, no buses) and newspaper headlines ('sharp drop in small businesses').

The site also polls visitors on whether they would like to see Moroccans leave the Netherlands. According to De Telegraaf, about 75% so far answered that they 'can't wait', and just 20% think that Moroccans belong in the Netherlands.

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