Germany: Lingerie ad features niqab

Germany: Lingerie ad features niqab

The commercial 'sexiness for everyone. everywhere' (YouTube)


A new commercial by German lingerie producer "Liaison dangereuse" is being provoking by linking an almost 25 year old model Miriam Wimmer to the niqab, claims religion historian  Hanne Nabintu Herland.

Herland told that she sees this as an expression of a European frustration, for not being allowed to point out what's wrong and lacking regarding non-Western Minorities.  Therefore they're now making such videos, where people want to pressure Muslims by showing them that 'we' have other values than 'you'.

The commercial has Wimmer, who previously appeared in commercials for Puma, Adidas and Ralph Lauren, coming out of the shower and drying herself before putting on a niqab.

Herland says the commercial links the Arab dress with sexuality - and not to morals and virtue.  She says that even if people want to raise European values such as freer sexuality, it is unncessariy to trample the cultural dress of Muslims.  Additionally, she says, there's no contrast between strengthening respect for European values and at the same time showing respect for other cultures.

Herland says that this film coincides with trends we see in Europe, a response to the so-called problem-free 'multicultural' society which many don't see as so simple.  In this film the extremes of both sides are used to make the conflicts more clear.

Source: TV2 Nyhetene (Norwegian)

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