Spain: Muslims launch independent body to train imams

Spain: Muslims launch independent body to train imams

 Spanish Muslims launched Saturday, October 26, an independent, self-regulatory body to train imams in the southern European country.

"The Islamic Union of Imams and Preachers in Spain is the fruit of strenuous efforts of Muslim imams over the past years," chairman Sheikh Alaa Said told

The new body will be entrusted with training imams and preachers across the country.

"The growing Muslim community in Spain required the launch of an official Islamic body to unify efforts of imams and preachers nationwide," said Said.

The umbrella body will have three specialized committees on fatwa, research and training.

"It seeks to upgrade the level of all those working in the field of Da`wa in Spain," he said.

The Union was approved by the Spanish Interior Ministry last May.

"At first we encountered some obstacles with the Justice Ministry to register the Union," said Said.

"But we later moved to the Interior Ministry to get the official approval after presenting the necessary papers to launch the body."

A dignitary of Spanish officials and nearly 70 imams and preachers from across Spain took up in the launch of the Muslim Union.

Leading among attendees were Josep Maria Felipe, the general director of the immigration of the Valencian government, Sheikh Hussein Halawa, chairman of the European Council for Fatwa and Research and Sheikh Wanis Al-Mabrook, the head of the European Assembly of Muslim Imams and Spiritual Guides.


Source: IslamOnline (English)

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