Netherlands: PVV targeting Islam children's songs on TV

Netherlands: PVV targeting Islam children's songs on TV

The PVV party is targeting songs on children's TV shows featuring Islam. The latest target is a song called "Baklava of Rijstevla". The song (here on Youtube) is about a kid who has to choose between his father in the Netherlands (his fatherland) and his mother in Morocco (his motherland). None of the songs are new - "Baklava of Rijstevla" was written for the Kinderen voor Kinderen show in 1993 - but they are still being shown on TV.

My song-analyzing skills are so-so, but it seems to me that "Allah Akbar" is used as a of saying "Netherlands or Morocco, only god knows". It also seems to me that the song portrays Morocco as better than the Netherlands, the kid wants to go to Morocco (he likes the food, he feels at home), but he currently lives in the Netherlands.


Spokesperson Martin Bosma wants Education Minister Plasterk to answer why the show is showing a song which repeats "Allah Akbar", the Jihad slogan, 27 times.

Bosma says this is the third time that the public broadcaster is broadcasting Islam-propaganda at children.

Bosma: "The Dutch are being humiliated in this way. We should accept Islamic imperialism and stand defenseless against it. That is the continuous message of the state broadcaster. Recently I asked the minister a parliamentary question about a children's program by Teleac where children were told by [show character] Koning Koos that on Eid ul-Adha everybody gets candy. There was recently also the Koekeloere program, also by Teleac, which explained what children should do on Ramadan. The multiculturalists don't have any shame anymore. The multicultural faith is almost dead in society, but on public television it's (subsidized) and still alive and well."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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