Sweden: 'Sweden's biggest threat'

Sweden: 'Sweden's biggest threat'

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The headline for the article is "The Muslims are our greatest foreign threat", though this was probably thought up by Aftonbladet. The Local decided to headline its article "Islam 'Sweden's biggest threat': far-right leader". But Åkesson doesn't actually say either.

In his article Åkesson rejects the idea that Islam is similar to Christianity and points out that Muslim youth are radicalizing. The article ends as follows:

Twenty years ago, I think that most Swedes would have found it difficult to imagine that Islam would become Sweden's second largest religion, that Swedish artists who criticize or joke about Islam would live under constant death threats, that a dozen Muslim terror organizations would establish themselves in Sweden, that leading Muslim representatives would make demands about imposing Sharia laws in Sweden, that Swedish county councils would use taxpayer's money to circumsise fully healthy little boys, that Sweden would have the most rapes in Europe and that Muslim men would be highly over-represented among the perpetrators, that Swedish pools would introduce separate swimming times for men and women, that Swedish municipalities would consider introducing sex-segregated swimming classes in the schools, that the freezer sections in our grocery stores would offer ritually slaughtered meat while Swedish preschools would stop serving pork, that Swedish schools would introduce new vacations to celebrate the end of Ramadan while Church graduations would be banned in more and more schools and so forth.

All this is today a part of Swedish reality. The question is how it would look a few more decades from now, when the Muslim population, if the current pace continues, will multiply in size and many of Europe's major cities, including Malmö, would almost certainly have a Muslim majority.

The multicultural social elites might see this future as a colorful, interesting change for a Sweden and Europe, which all too often denies ever being 'Swedish' or 'European'.

As a Swedish Democrat I see this as our greatest foreign threat since WWII, and I promise to do everything in my power to change the trend when we go to the polls next year.


An article by the leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats claiming that Islam is the biggest threat to Sweden since World War II is tantamount to hate speech, according to legal experts.

A number of jurists believe the text, published in the opinion section of the Aftonbladet newspaper, qualifies as agitation against an ethnic group (hets mot folkgrupp).

The Sweden Democrats concluded their annual congress on Sunday in the town of Ljungbyhed in Skåne in southern Sweden.

On Monday, Aftonbladet published an opinion piece by party leader Jimmie Åkesson in which the prominent far-right politician slams Islam.

According to Åkesson, "today's multicultural Swedish power-elite are totally blind to the dangers of Islam."

He goes on to claim that more than ten Muslim terrorist organizations have established themselves in Sweden, that Sweden has the most rapes in Europe, and that Muslim men are highly overrepresented among the perpetrators.

"As a Sweden Democrat, I see this as our greatest external threat since World War II and I promise to use all my power to change the trend during next year's election," writes Åkesson.

Åkesson's claims prompted academics and legal experts to draw parallels between the Sweden Democrats and the Nazis.

"This is the same sort of propaganda as the Nazis' anti-Semitism," said Jan Hjärpe, an emeritus professor of Islamic Studies at Lund University, to Aftonbladet.

"This also has racist undertones, because the rhetoric assumes that religious affiliation determines how a person acts."


Source: The Local (English)

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