UK: Wilders' Muslim lawyer

UK: Wilders' Muslim lawyer

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders intends to travel to London next week after an immigration tribunal ruling overturned a ban on visiting Britain.


Judge CMG Ockelton, who chaired the tribunal, said that Wilders's opinions were expressed strongly and in a way that was bound to cause offence but that the right of freedom of expression was important in a democratic society.

"Substantial evidence of actual harm would be needed before it would be proper for a government to prevent the expression and discussion of matters that might form the opinions of legislators, policy makers and voters," he said.


In a press release by the Part for Freedom, Wilders thanks three people:

“I would like to thank my brilliant barrister Mr Arfan Khan for his great work. Also, I would like to thank the chairman of the Birkenhead Society, Mr A. Pandiya for generously funding my appeal and also my solicitor Mr T. Emezie for his generous support.”

It's interesting to note that Tiki Emezie, Wilders' solicitor, is Black. Abhijit Pandya, the chairman of the Birkenhead Society, which supports British values, is of Indian-Ugandan origins. And Arfan Khan, Wilders' barrister, who is also a member of the Birkenhead Society, is Muslim.

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