Norway: King, Crown Prince visit mosque

Norway: King, Crown Prince visit mosque

King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon on Monday visited the Islamic Council of Norway, where they were informed about the Council's work, and for the first time they also visited a mosque in Norway.


- Through these visits we try to convey that they are Norwegians on level with the rest of us, even if they have a different religion. The most important thing is that they feel integrated and feel Norwegian. We believe that these visits bind us together, and will help all to feel at home in our country, King Harald said.

Source: Norway Post (English)

"I've heard much that I should have known, and that I didn't know," King Harald said after his visit.

- What is the most important think the King learned?

"How many Muslims there are in Norway, a little about how they they think and how they work in their own faith society, and that's helpful."

- Freedom of religion is highly valued in Norway for all except the royal family. Is that a paradox?

"No, I don't think so," laughed the king. "I think that the King in Norway, with our tradition, should be Christian."

Source: TV 2 Nyhetene (Norwegian)

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