Odense: Teacher attacked for shaking hands with student

Odense: Teacher attacked for shaking hands with student

Note that both men are Muslim and speak Arabic. The father actually started by shouting in Arabic at the teacher.

According to Danish news it is the acceptable norm in the school for teachers to greet the students by shaking hands or giving a pat on the back. The student body at the school is almost all immigrants. According to the school principal 90% of the parents are immigrants and only a few refuse to shake hands.


Danish police said on Thursday that a Palestinian father had hit a primary school teacher and bitten his ear after he had shaken the hand of the man's daughter.

The 47-year-old Danish teacher of Moroccan origin had invited the father and daughter for a meeting at the school in the town of Vollsmose on Wednesday when he had been "repeatedly hit and bitten in the ear", the police said.

"The father, a Palestinian, apparently became furious that the teacher had greeted his daughter just before a meeting," said Joergen Andersen, the police superintendent in the nearby city of Odense.

The 33-year-old father, a Muslim, said the teacher had "gone too far and offended his honour", Andersen said.

"The man is apparently not a fundamentalist," Andersen said. But he "could not accept this handshake between the teacher and his daughter".

The father told the police he had "lost his cool" because of what he considered the teacher's "indecent" behaviour.


Source: IOL (English)

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