Aarhus: Police fear Kurdish-Palestinian gang war

Aarhus: Police fear Kurdish-Palestinian gang war

The police in Aarhus are calling in extra forces to prevent a gang war between criminal Kurds and Palestinians in Gellerup park, reports stiften.dk.

In the span of three days there have been two knife fights between the two groups. Four men of Kurdish background were injured and the recent incident took place on the weekend.

The police discovered the right by chance Friday night, when a police patrol spotted a car with several Kurds on its way to Aarhus hospital One had a knife wound in his should.

The police think that the fighting is due to hashish and other drug trade in the Gellerup area.

Bent Preben Nielsen of the Østjylland police said that they added extra manpower to investigate in detail the background of the two serious episodes. They will try to prevent this from developing into a gang war between groups of New Danes.

Source: Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish)

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