Russia: Court bans Caucasus terrorist group

Russia: Court bans Caucasus terrorist group

Russia's Supreme Court has banned one of the largest Islamist separatist movements in the country’s south, branding it a terrorist group.

The Caucasus Emirate, which was founded in 2007, aims to create a Sharia state in the Caucasus region. The group has been operating for three years in Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia.

The Caucasus Emirate has claimed responsibility for several high-profile crimes in Russia, including the fatal blast that derailed the Nevsky Express train last November and the unsuccessful assassination attempt on the Ingush Pesident Yevkurov.

The organisation is lead by Doku Umarov, the most wanted terrorist in Russia.

The maximum number of the organization’s members is estimated at 1,500. Many of them are operating abroad while foreign members of the Caucasus Emirate are working in Russia.


Source: RT (English)

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