Norway: After three weeks, woman's body found

Norway: After three weeks, woman's body found

Update on this story: Norway: Woman abducted

Not really mentioned in the article, but I understand the 25 year old is Norwegian.

There had been various theories during the past three weeks. One was that Faiza had 'set up' her abduction. As it turns out, she had been abducted and killed.


Faiza Ashraf was found dead last night in a grove next to a popular ski run in Solli, Asker. The 26 year old had been missing for three weeks.

The 25 year old suspect's statements led to the police breakthrough last night. After deny any connection to the case since he his arrest, he put all the cards on the table yesterday.

At a news conference Thursday the police said that he confessed to kidnapping and killing Faiza Ashraf. He also gave a detailed statement on where he had dumped her. The police found the place at 11pm in a tourist area in Solli, Asker.

Nina Bjørlo of the Asker og Bærum police district didn't want to comment in detail on where the body was found, but according to Faiza Ashraf was found in the grove shown here.

VG Nett reports that the body wasn't visible when police arrived, and the police say that she was buried under both snow and earth.

The forensic technicians worked at the scene throughout the night and in the morning the body was taken away.

The police now charged the 25 year old with premeditated murder, and the 28 year old Norwegian-Pakistani with being an accessory to murder. They think the 28 year old, who had been madly in love with Faiza, had ordered her abduction.

The 28 year old's lawyer, Petter Sørensen, told VG Nett that he has been in touch with his client, but can't say much at this point.

Sørensen says that his client was informed of the new development and that he was confronted with it in an interrogation yesterday.

The family's lawyer said in the press conference that they received the news that night.

"It's difficult to describe with words what this family has lived through the past three weeks, and the dreadful news that they received last night," he said.

The lawyer says that when the father saw the police coming to the door, his first reaction was "now they're coming with Faiza".

"They didn't do that," says Stabell.

The family is asking to be left alone.

"They have small consolation in all this, that they know what had happened. Now they also know that she hasn't suffered in the past three weeks," he says.

Petter Sørensen says that his 28 year old Norwegian Pakistani client had been madly in love with Faiza, but she wasn't interested in a relationship, and she told him so clearly.

There has been some SMS contact between them recently: he sent her messages and she answered him back telling him to go to hell.

Sources: VG 1, 2 (Norwegian)

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