Yemen: Norwegian citizen arrested on terrorism charges (UPDATED)

Yemen: Norwegian citizen arrested on terrorism charges

Update: There's apparently an EU-wide push against the PKK. Ten Turks and one Italian nationals were arrested in Italy, on charges of recruiting and training PKK terrorists. (EN)


In other terrorism news, a Somali arrested in the Netherlands is fighting extradition to the US (h/t R., more here, Netherlands: American Somali arrested on terrorism charges). More recently, the Netherlands also arrested Hasan Adir, a Kurd suspected of being a leader of the KKK. (h/t Turkish Digest)


A 50 year old Norwegian citizen, who according to the UN might be linked to al-Qaeda, was arrested in Yemen on January 31.

He's the only Norwegian citizen on the UN Security Council's terror list.

According to, the man came to Norway in 1988, became a Norwegian citizen in 1995, and left the country in 1997.

The man was on his way from Dubai to the capital of San'a when he was arrested at the airport.

"I'm very afraid that he might be tortured," says the man's brother.

The man's wife in Yemen notified the Norwegian consulate in the capital that her husband was arrested.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marte Lerberg Kopstad told VG Nett that they hadn't gotten any information about it and that the consul general will follow it up.

The 50 year old is on the UN list of "Specially Designated Global Terrorists" from January 25th, but the UN site does not have sufficient information on why he's on the terror list.

Kopstad says that the list also includes one other person who lives in Norway, but who isn't a Norwegian citizen - Mullah Krekar.

The Foreign Ministry says they will check in the arrested Norwegian needs help.

"But it's also important that this man emigrated from Norway 13 years ago and doesn't have the same claim for follow-up support as people who live abroad for shorter periods have," emphasizes Kopstad.

She says that since they haven't been contacted by the man himself, and he hasn't been in Norway for 13 years, it's not certain he wants help from the Norwegian authorities.

On Saturday the Norwegian foreign ministry got confirmation from the Yemeni authorities that a person with a Norwegian passport was arrested at the airport.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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