Russia: Mufti Council to cooperate with Hamas

Russia: Mufti Council to cooperate with Hamas

Head of Russia’s Mufti Council Ravil Gainutdin agreed on “mutual help and cooperation” with the HAMAS Palestinian movement, the Council’s website reports.

“Muslims of Russia take the situation in Palestine with sore heart. We speak out to condemn the policy of Israel aimed at expanding occupation of Palestinian land,” Gainutdin said on Tuesday in Moscow at the meeting with Chairman of the HAMAS political bureau Khaled Mashal.

The Movement’s delegation visited Russia on the invitation of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Speaking at the meeting, Mashal called the Russian Mufti Council the “second home” for him and his associates. “Every time we come to Russia, a visit to the Mufti Council is an essential part of our program,” he said.

After a meeting, the parties conducted a prayer in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

Source: Interfax (English)

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