Norway: Iraqis accuse Child Welfare Agency of racism

Norway: Iraqis accuse Child Welfare Agency of racism

Several weeks ago an Iraqi couple, Musheer Nadheer Mustafa (36) and Khalidah Yaseen Al-Khalidi (33), abducted their three children. The children had been taken out of their home by the Child Welfare Agency. Two employees of the Child Welfare Agency had accompanied the children home for an arranged meeting with their parents. The social-workers were given something to make them drwosy, after twhich they were attacked, beaten up and tied up by a couple of people wearing masks. Apparently, those were the 15 year old brother of the children, and the father's brother. The brother and uncle later handed themselves over to the police.

Meanwhile the couple fled Norway with their three children. They were caught in Greece when they tried to cross over to the Turkey. They were supposedly on their way to Iraq.

The parents are now facing an extradition process from Greece. Their children (aged 6, 12 and 14) were already brought back to Norway. The Child Welfare Agency also took custody of their 15 year old brother. (NO, NO)


Norway divides Iraqi family
Al Jazeera TV, Qatar

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9 Iraqi families and other immigrant families living in the Norwegian city of Trondheim are suffering because their children were taken away from them by a child welfare agency. Norwegian law allows the separation of children from their family if one or both of the parents are neglecting the children. The family of Doride al-Kubaisi and other families are accusing officials from the agency in some areas, including Trondheim, of being reckless and racist by abusing the agency’s legal authorities against immigrant families. Our reporter in Norway, Smer Shatara, went to Trondheim and visited the family of Doride al- Kubaisi that was separated from its two children.

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A year ago, I had two children. One was seven months old and the other was a year and a half. My daughter was in the hospital for two months with her mother. I was at home with my son. I spent my time between the hospital and my home. On Dec 23rd, I was surprised by a large number of police officers who raided our home. They arrested me and took the child. At the same time, they also raided my wife’s hospital room and arrested her. We were shocked. It was a catastrophe. During the investigation, they asked me very strange questions. For example, they told me that there were signs showing that my daughter’s hands and legs were deliberately twisted. Another report said that I was crazy.

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There have been many incidents with the child welfare agency, which has made immigrants feel that they are guilty until proven innocent. Immigrants face a somewhat difficult situation here. Everyone is afraid because they feel that one day their turn will come and their children will be taken away from them.

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The child welfare agency has racist employees and they target the Iraqi community.

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The whole Iraqi community was affected by the story of Doride because he is well-known in the Muslim and Arab communities. He is known as a calm and straight-forward person who has happy family. When they called me and told me that Doride and his wife are in prison, I was surprised. I was asking myself, what were they imprisoned for? When we looked into the story, we realized that many things were not true, that they were illusions. In some cases, entire families were destroyed based simply on suspicion. This can’t happen.


Source: Link TV (English)

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