Gouda: Municipality 'bought off' criminals

Gouda: Municipality 'bought off' criminals

Young Moroccan criminals who were involved in the snow ball incidents in Gouda, the Netherlands, were 'bought off' by the municipality in order to keep them off the streets around New Year's.

They got all together 2,250 Euro in an envelop pushed at them to organize a party of their own, says the municipal VVD faction on the basis of statement by the youth from the Gouda neighborhood of Oosterwei. Several dozen Moroccans ambushed people with snowballs, raised barriers and committed robberies.

In order to keep the youth quiet, they were offered cash by the municpality. The VVD in Gouda is furious because the municipality money was paid without any procedures. "Above all it's not sensible. You are, after all, rewarding criminal behavior," says the VVD faction.

Gouda confirms that money was given. "We wanted to just prevent the issue from escalating," was the response by the municipality. "The youth themselves presented a budget for the party. They had to say how much money they needed for hiring a DJ, and something to eat and drink. For us it was important that it would remain calm in the neighborhood around New Year's time."

According to the municipality, they had to act quickly. A spokesperson said that the money was well spent and that everybody was happy afterward. They had given five Moroccans a book token as thanks.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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