Antwerp: 56% of children of immigrant origin

Antwerp: 56% of children of immigrant origin

About half the children up to age 9 in the city of Antwerp are of immigrant origin, according to new data from the municipality (municipal research department).

The research department used a method in which the ethnic background of Antwerp residents of immigrant origin who were born in Belgian and have Belgian citizenship was also taken into account. The most recent data shows that 36.1% of all Antwerp residents are of immigrant origin. Within this group the biggest group is people of North African origin (10.4%), followed by Western Europeans and West-Asians (5.4% each) and Eastern Europeans (5%).

That Antwerp is being 'colored' can also be seen from the evolution per age group. 46% of Antwerp residents in their 20s, 48% of teens and 56% of children up to age 9 are of immigrant origin.

Alderman Schepen Monica De Coninck estimates that by 2020, 2 out of every 3 Antwerp youth would be of immigrant origin. Vlaams Belang councilor Wim Van Osselaer responds: "Antwerp must send a strong signal to the federal government to end the unbridled immigration. First priority: deal with immigration marriages." He added that if there will be no immigration stop, they would soon be able to draw up minority policies plans for the ethnic Flemish.

Source: GvA (Dutch)

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