Denmark: Senior Conservatives against anti-Muslim stance

Denmark: Senior Conservatives against anti-Muslim stance

The Conservative Leader Lene Espersen's attempts to bring calm to the party following Denmark's burka debate has failed according to Jyllands-Posten.

A group of seven leading party members have challenged Espersen on the issue of integration.

"We are members of an informal network and feel that we should not be competing with the Danish People's Party to see who can criticise Muslims the most," says Conservative Central Board member Peter Norsk.

Among other things, the network opposes Conservative proposals to ban prayer rooms in schools and to withdraw Danish nationality from immigrants found guilty of social fraud.

Following the party's heated debate on the burka issue, Norsk helped Espersen avoid a humiliating leadership battle at party conference after so far unfulfilled promises that an integration conference would be convened.

"I am certain that Lene Espersen doesn't lie to the Central Board, as in that case she wouldn't be party leader for much longer. So I hope that party leadership will keep its promise of an integration conference," says Peter Norsk, who has the support of several MPs and local counselors.

Party leadership rejects the criticism.


Source: Politiken (English)

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