Poland: New mosque being built with Saudi financing (UPDATED)

Poland: New mosque being built with Saudi financing

Update: More on the Polish Muslim League and its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood at the Global MB Report.

The Muslim League in Poland is building a modern, three-story mosque near the centre of Warsaw.

The Centre of Islamic Culture, designed by KAPS Architekci, will be located in the close vicinity of the Blue City shopping centre, at the Zeslancow Syberyjskich roundabout just to the west of the city centre.

The three-story building will have an 18-metre high minaret. But the characteristic sound of prayer will not be heard drifting over the city.

“A muezin’s call for prayer will be heard only in a prayer room, not outside,” says Samir Ismail, head of the Muslim League in Poland. Apart from a prayer room, the centre will consist of a library with a multimedia room, art gallery, restaurant, cafĂ© and shop. “We will pray there and make Poles aware that Islam is a moderate religion,” says Ismail.

The construction of the mosque will be mainly financed by a Saudi investor but the League does not want to reveal who it is or what the cost of the investment will be.


Source: TheNews (English)

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