Netherlands: Crown-Prince studied Islam

Netherlands: Crown-Prince studied Islam

So to speak.


Dutch crown-prince Willem-Alexander has been working for years on his image, with some success, according to a new biography.

In 2008 and 2009 Willem-Alexander studied Islam for a year and a half. He read various parts of the Koran in the Bible club which has been meeting monthly since 1992, led by Carel ter Linden, the Reverend who conducted his wedding.

In the biography "Willem IV, from prince to king" Tel Linden say: "We read various fragments from the Koran. We watched the movie 'Fitna' by Geert Wilders. From time to time Wessles (Prof. Anton Wessels, researcher of religion and Islam) came by to answer the necessary questions. Also imam Abdulwahid van Bommel was our guest one time. We visited a service in the Rotterdam mosque ,which was explained by him. That topic kept us busy and the prince also read the necessary book, so that one of us once said jokingly: 'why should we ask Wessels, we have Alex, no?'

Prince Willem-Alexander as an Islam expert: this side of the Crown Prince was unknown till now. But with 1 million Muslim subjects, it's obvious that the future king would also study this religion. At the same time, Geert Wilders can also be happy: the Crown Prince is not bothered also getting to know about his view of Islam.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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