Libya: Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland

Libya: Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland

This follows the latest round of the Libya-Switzerland spat, following the arrest of Gaddafi's son in Switzerland in 2008.


Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi has called for a "holy war", or jihad, against Switzerland, the AFP news service reported on Thursday.

During a speech in Benghazi, Libya's second-largest city, Gaddafi declared Switzerland "faithless" and a country of infidels who have "destroyed Allah's house".

In November, Switzerland voted to ban the construction of new minarets in a nationwide vote that raised eyebrows around the world. The rightwing Swiss People's Party and a conservative Christian group were behind the campaign.

Switzerland's foreign ministry has explained to Muslim leaders that the vote was not against Islam and that freedom of worship is still in place.

In the past Gaddafi called for Switzerland to be dissolved. Each of its language regions should be absorbed by neighbouring countries, he said.


Source: SwissInfo (English)

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