Denmark: Catholics upset at being ignored

Denmark: Catholics upset at being ignored

An interesting point here is the claim that 75% of all new Danish citizens are Christian.


When Islam and integration fill the news again and again on DR, it's both noteworthy and objectionable, that major Christian festival are often not mentioned at all.  That according to several Catholics in Denmark, who today (Ash Wednesday) attack DR's way of prioritizing religious issues.

"DR informs about Islam and ignores Christianity completely," says Catholic priest Stephen Holm.

Last August he urged DR to use this year's Ash Wednesday to tell Danes about the Christian fast in the evening's TV newscast.  His call is backed by the Catholics' spokesperson, Niels Messerschmidt.

"We live in a secular society.  Therefore I think it would be informative to be informed about what the biggest faith society in the world is actually celebrating."

But DR rejects the request in a written answer, which say that "Christian festivals are not news for very many Danes."

"On the contrary, there are many of the TV news viewers who don't know that the Muslims' fasting month starts," adds Henrik Faurby Birch, editor for DR media, and points out that DR, via it's public service contract, is bound to 'promote integration in Denmark."

Karsten Fledelius, lecturer at Copenhagen University, doesn't buy that argument.

"DR should point out that there is fasting in Christianity, and it doesn't only belong to Muslims," says Karsten Fledelius.

Hans Henrik Lund, headed of the Churches integration service is also surprised at DR.

"A study we've done shows that up to 75% of all New-Danes have a Christian background, but that it looks as if they think it's more important to mention special Muslim traditions."


Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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