Norway: Sparse showing for anti-'9/11 threat' demonstration

Norway: Sparse showing for anti-'9/11 threat' demonstration

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This is the second attempt by Norwegian Muslims to protest against terror threats and terror attacks.  The previous one followed the attack on Kurt Westergaard, and barely anybody showed up for that too.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad has meanwhile returned to his studies in Saudi Arabia and told Norwegian news services that he's not sure he'll come back.


"We disagree with Dagbladet printing the Muhammed illustration, but we hate terrorism.  We should not threaten anybody even if we disagree with what others do.  We live in a peaceful land, where we can speak freely and therefore disagree with Muslims who threaten others into silence," says Avian Arif, who was among hte organizers of the Larvik demonstration, which was organized as a counter-balance against the statements of Mohyeldeen Mohammad Friday more than a week ago.

Nine demonstrators met up, and twice as many press people, at the square in Larvik Monday afternoon.

"Actually we were supposed to be over 50, but another Muslim in Larvik sent out an SMS that the demonstration was canceled," Avia Arif told

The peaceful demonstration was held in the snowy town With posters saying "We want peaceful coexistence in Norway", "we want mutual respect and understanding" and "what was the aim of printing of the caricature illustrations", the

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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