France: Stones thrown at church parishioners (UPDATED)

France: Stones thrown at church parishioners

Sixty parishioners who attended a memorial service for the departed (All Souls' Day) on Tuesday afternoon in a church in a ghetto neighborhood of Carcassonne, were the victims of two teenagers who, after entering the building, started throwing stones. One person was hit, and the status of the Virgin Mary, targeted by the two, was badly damaged.

Two parishioners who left the service to evict the two youth, unsuccessfully pursued them. They disappeared after insulting their pursuers.

A complaint was lodged by the police, which is taking the case very seriously. The desecration of the Saint-Jacques church and the stoning of the parishioners during a public service, is a first in this ghetto and caused a big stir in the Christian community.

Source: MidiLibre (French)


500 places of worship and cemeteries were desecrated in France (FR) in the first nine months of this year. 410 were Christian (179 cemeteries, 231 churches), 40 were Muslim (6 cemeteries and 34 mosques) and 35 were Jewish (9 cemeteries and 26 synagogues).