Alleged Jihad recruiter denies accusations

The man accused of recruiting three Dutch kids to join the Jihad is denying those accusations. The man, 35 years old, is known only as Ibrahim.

"I talk a lot with young people, and if you call somebody who tells kids that they should stay on the right path, a recruiter, yes, than I'm a recruiter.

According to him, he doesn't give Koran lessons. He merely translates the holy book into Dutch.

And that he speaks to kids?

"I do that, because parents ask me to. Their son has no work, goes around with girls, drinks or uses drugs. They ask me to explain that that is not good for them."

He spoke to the three kids just a day before they disappeared. Meanwhile, he's as concerned about them as their parents. "My heart is open to them. I am curious how it goes with them."

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