Three Dutch recruited for Jihad

Three Muslims from the Hague have disappeared after having apparently been recruited to the Jihad in Iraq.

At least one of them had contact with Samir Azzouz. The Dutch security services, AIVD, are conducting an investigation, but will not say for what.

The three are two Moroccans and one Turk, aged 18-21. A Turkish visa application was found in a search by the house of one of those missing, showing that he apparently intended to go through Turkey, a route already used in the past.

The AIVD knows of tens of Dutch Jihad fighters currently in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Two Dutch from Eindhoven had been killed on Jihad in Kashmir in 2002. They had been recruited in the Al Fourqaan Mosque.

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Snouck said...

I have met 2 Morroccans in Amsterdam who were preparing for Jihad and wanted to fight against America in Iraq but one of them told me he preferred to do a suicide attack against Israel. They both seemed happy and friendly persons. It is strange that they want to kill themselves so eagerly. One I met again a few weeks ago, coming out of the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam-East with his wife and children. They are recognizable from the way they dress as Mujahedeen. I see more of them on the streets in Amsterdam-East and West. Not many but a few.