Muslim school given last warning

Amsterdam based elementary school As-Siddieq received warning from the Education Minister that if it will lose government financing if it doesn't contribute more to integration and improve its management.

The warning came after parliamentary discusson on the book "Haram", a book written by a former teacher describing her experiences in the school. According to the book, the conservative and orthodox-Muslim management discourages any signs of Western of Christian culture, and all behavior is considered "haram" (ie, sinful). Christian holidays such as Sinterklas and Christmas were forbidden, as was make-up and flowers laid out in crosses.

The school inspector has already inspected the school and found the school follows the current regulations. However she found that too little thought was given to integration, which could later lead the kids to more radicalization.

A new law to come into effect on January 1st, 2006 requires schools to take an active part in forming social cohesion and integration, or lose financing.

President Rachit Bal of the Islamic School organization ISBO was surprised at the minister's threatening tone as the law is not yet in effect. According to him the school will make sure to follow the law and fulfill all requirements. He also expressed surprise that no mention of financial sanctions was made in discussions with the Education Ministry a month earlier.

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