European Intifada? (update)

Riots raged on for the 11th night in a row in France, including pellet gun shots at police. To the North, five cars were torched in a Brussels suburb and five more in Berlin.

Meanwhile, in Germany and Italy politicians are warning the riots might spread to their countries as well.

And while in France politicians are discussing what can be done:
On Thursday evening, local officials complained loudly about dithering and politicking among national officials after Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin briefed them about an "action plan for the suburbs" he aimed to present later this month.

"Many of us told him this isn't the time for an umpteenth plan," said Jean-Christophe Lagarde, mayor of Drancy in the riot-hit region. "All we need is one death and I think it will get out of control."

A man in his sixities died of his wounds tonight, after being beaten by the rioters on Friday.

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