Holland: housing by race?

A new study commissioned by the Housing ministry suggests reserving residences in different neigborhoods according to the applicant's ethnicity.

According to the study the probability that an immigrant out of non-Western countries - Marroco, Turky and Surinam - will end up in a a backwards neighborhood (ie, 'black') is more than twice that of an ethnic Dutch. Their chances of getting entrance to a mixed neighborhood are lower and their chances of finding a place in a 'white' neighborhood are negligble. The study suggests reserving residences in 'black' neighborhoods for ethnic Dutch, and reserving residences in mixed neighborhoods for immigrants.

Today, housing corporations choose candidates on the basis of income, time on the waiting list and family circumstances. Attempts to progress integration according to these criteria have proven unsuccessful. Ministry sources report that this study cannot be implemented in today's political climate.

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Snouck said...

These black neighbourhoods are caused by the Leftist ideology of Multiculturalism and the resulting mass immigration. Now that it is shown that the Multicultural society is very often a failure the answer is to take more freedoms away from the Citizens in order to try and rectify the problem. So the state wins again. First the freedom of the citizens to critisise government policy is taken away by bureaucrats and then the freedom to live were you want is taken away also by bureaucrats. This does not lead to a healthier society. But to a more despotic society.