Another night of unrest in Belgium

"A couple of small blazes do not make Gent into another Paris."

Newspapers in Belgium are still counting the cases of nightly violence, which has begun to spread from Brussels to other areas in the country. In ten separate incidents, cars and trucks were put on fire in Gent, Antwerp, Brussels and Liege. A couple of cellars were also put to flame. A molotov cocktail was thrown at a car in central Brussels, but did not catch fire.

Two 'foreign-minority' Belgian youngsters of 17 and 19, apparently injured by their own fire bomb, were arrested in Antwerp. Police are calling on people not to panic and not to overreact.

According to new sources, the 'incidents' in Belgium started after a Marrocan kid was shot dead on Saturday, having waved a pistol, later found to be a dummy, at police.

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