Birmingham Muslim graves desecrated

At least 45 Muslim grave stones have been smashed and pushed over in a cemetery in the British city of Birmingham.

It is interesting to see what the local MP says about it:
Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood was also at the cemetery. He said: "These are disgraceful events, deliberately done to entice people. They are definitely trying to cause more problems particularly on this day when Muslim people are coming to pay their respects."

The graves were desecrated not to insult or hurt the Muslim community, but to entice them. Entice them to what?

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Esther said...

As somebody pointed out to me:

Mahmood urged Muslims not to react to the desecration. "We can't point the finger at a single community, individuals have done this but we are not sure who."

Mahmood is not urging the Muslims not to react. He is just saying that no single community is responsible.