Who's Responsible?

Hint: It can't be the Muslims

UOIF's chairman Lhaj Thami Breze cast doubt over the parties behind the accelerating violence.

He accused several parties, including far-rightists and Zionist lobby, of fishing in the troubled water to "smear the image of Muslims and Arabs".

The Muslim leader said many of the incidents involving the burning of public properties remain ambiguous.

"The rioting, which started as a spontaneous reaction, is not like that anymore. Some parties are feeding these incidents," Breze charged.

"The perpetrators of such actions can never be Muslims," he averred.

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Esther said...

Note that he does not say that the perpetrators are not Muslims, but that they can never be Muslims.

The question of what they can or cannot be is not the issue here. The question is: who is rioting?