The good memories

An Israeli who had lived in a Paris suburb tells of her memories, and of why she understands the youth rioting.

Living almost a decade ago in a suburb where 60% of the residents were Muslim, most of North-African descent, she reminisces of the warm and welcoming community she had found there. Living in a rather large Jewish community, she felt no hatred and always found help and respect by her Muslim neighbors. The hatred that had finally caused her to return to Israel, came from the French.

However, she says, the youth were always a problem. A 'ticking bomb' with no employment opportunities, and it was only a question of when that bomb would blow up.

Working in the center of Paris, she witnessed many demonstrations. Every demonstration ended with broken shop windows, stones thrown on cars, damage to parked motorcycles and turned-over garbage cans, along with plundering (of course). It went on for years, but the French government did nothing to take care of the problem. Now many in France wonder where the hatred and anger are coming from.

She does understand the anger. According to her, the writing was on the wall. The problem was that nobody wanted to even look at it, much less read it.


didymus2000 said...

Why did she leave Israel in the first place?

As Theodor Herzl (that great Zionist) once said, every nation has a right to self-determination without meddling from foreigners. Herzl, like Kahane respected the French right to create their own society and to insist on French culture andd French ways. He merely asked for the same right for Jewish people, which is why Europe, the USa and the UN fashioned Israel.

Israel exists for Jews to dominate and control, and to keep gentiles from entering except upon Jewish permission.

France exists for the French to dominated and control and keep non-French from entering.

As Kahane said, Israel is for the Jews. That is what being a Jewish nation means. And if "the demographic problem" threatens Jewish dominance, then Arabs must be expelled -- nicely, if possible (for Kahane wasn't a monster), but expelled nonetheless.

The Arabs and Africans living in France are not able to assimilate. Ergo, they must leave. They have their nations and homelands just like Jews do to whicch they can andd should return. It is not an optiont to burn French cities down.

Me? I am not French, and do not wish to be assimilated into French culture and therefore do not live there. I ddo respect the French and the Jewish right to self-determination in their homelands.

Esther said...

That is a good question. I found it interesting that she saw violent demonstrations as "normal", and did not think it strange that every time there was such a demonstration, the police expected shop windows to break.