New racism complaint against Vlaams Belang

Filip DeWinter, head of Vlaams Belang, is being accused of racism. The complaint comes after an interview in the US newspaper "Jewish Week" in which Filip is quoted as saying the following:

Q: There are those who fear that first you will go after the Moroccans and then the Jews. How do you respond?

A: This is ridiculous. You could say the same about president Bush or Tony Blair: “First they are going after radical Islam, then they will go after the Jews.” As if Judaïsm were an extension of Islam. In our view, Judaïsm and Islam are absolute not two of the same kind. On the contrary, they are foes. One has to choose sides. Which side are you on in the “war on terror”? The side of western democracy and western civilization, with its Judeo-Christian roots, or the side of radical Islam? The side of Great-Britain, America and Israel, or the side of Iran, Sudan and the Taliban?

Q: There are those who say Jews should not be voting for a party that espouses xenophobia. Your reaction?

A: “Xenophobia” is not the word a would use. If it absolutely must be a “phobia” let it be “islamophobia”. Yes, we’re afraid of Islam. The islamisation of Europe is a frightening thing. Even distinguished Jewish scholars as Bat Ye’or and Bernard Lewis warned for this. If this historical process continues, the Jews will be the first victims. Europe will became as dangerous for them as Egypt or Algeria. So, I return your question. Should Jews vote for a party that wants to stop the spread of Islam in Europe?

Kif-Kif, a multicultural site created by Morrocan youth, and MRAX, an anti-racism movement turned to the Belgium prosecution claiming that these statements inspire to racist hate. They want the Belgian government to withdraw DeWinter's parliamentary immunity and to stop all grants to Vlaams Belang.

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José said...

Is Islam a race?
Obviously not, so how could he be accused of racism?

I am also an Islamophobe, I will write it until our criminal european leaders don´t decide to jail people like me.

What a corrupted and decadent continent!